Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Flowers everywhere

I saw a few months ago some videos of trees in the bloom, and last week I saw a video by BicycleDutch showing a nice country lane with lots of greenery so I thought I'd try too. I shot a video of trees in the bloom but it was useless. I kept the camera in my hand while riding and pointed it at the flowers. When I was pointing it down (dark grass) and up (the trees with a clear blue sky in the background) the end result was that the camera was trying to adjust for the changes in the brightness, and motion blur, and shaky footage from being in hand while riding... not good.

I think the flowers will be there for another try. Although the summer is short and the +25C heat we're having will make the summer go even faster. And nearly around the clock sun, too.

Here's a nice pic of a bikeway as seen from the adjacent road. That's a good buffer between the road and the bikeway, don't you think? :-P This bikeway follows the road but here it is a bit further away from the road. There's a roundabout behind me and the bikeway goes under the road via underpasses.
Here's no road or bikeway, even mountain bikers will find this swamp unrideable. And let me tell you, the mosquitoes are also alive and well.