Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cyclist Crashes with Elk!

I've been enjoying the weather lately! Many, many days and nights of sunshine, and the 'magical' +25°C has been broken almost each day for the last two weeks. It's not so long it was below freezing and snowed some (in June! :-) so I guess the below average temperatures must me balanced with the current heat.

Earlier it was so cold that I couldn't get my fingers to type, and now it's too hot to do anything exhausting (like typing) so this will be short too. I've taken occasional photos at the new underpass they're trying to build, but I'm not ready to post them yet. Neither are my "snow in June" pics available yet unless I can figure out how to transfer them to my computer. Too smart electronics or not smart enough user?

A funny headline in the news caught my eye today: a cyclist was riding downhill, failed to see the elk crossing the road and crashed. Cyclist vs elk crashes are very rare. Maybe this was the first one? The cyclist suffered a few broken bones and the elk got a scare. And the comments section was very entertaining.