Thursday, November 27, 2014

The old underpass post pt.3

Here's the last pictures I've found. Taken from yet another direction.
First pic: sunny spring day.
Not so sunny! :D

The old unperpass post pt.2

This is what the old bikeway along the road looked like in April (which year, I'm a bit unsure :-P) before the construction. A rather scenic path when the weather is right. I've taken some flying snow flake shots here.
Oops, somebody cut the trees and dumped a lot of material for the new sound- I mean, noise barriers.
Ripped off the old asphalt, new gravel added and done some shaping on the dirt.
Here it is, ready to use. I was amazed they had a lush green grass growing already, at least in some places.
A view from the opposite direction.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The old underpass post pt.1

Whew, this post has been long in doing. I've accidentally deleted some of the pictures meant for this post, and then the memory stick has problems so a lot of the remaining pictures give error messages like "unrecognised type 0x020" or some such nonsense. Some that open have only half the picture, the rest is some weird color or digital noise, but who cares.

I've some pictures from late May when the work starter, then others early July showing the "in progress" state and some shot when the work was finished.

So, in May, here is the former hill being excavated and sewers done etc.

By July, it looks like the sculpting is done. This is looking back to where the pics above were taken.
The forms for the underpass structure...

And a few weeks later, gone are the fences and there is a new asphalt surface.
The stones... have been angled. Better than before (which was a three inch drop) but still one has to slow down when going uphill here. Not as bad when coming downhill. So... they want us to slow down before the uphill and come fast down? Doesn't make sense, so I guess it's some kind of snow plow regulation at work.
And there it is, the new underpass. With a new rollerskating gangster loitering about, already.

And the new bus stop, moved 40 meters from the previous location. On the other side of the road it's almost at the same spot it used to be.