Friday, November 17, 2017

November snow spotted!

Here's what the bikeway conditions have looked like during the last two weeks:
Snow, nice winter temperatures of maybe -10C. There was enough snow for the plowers to plow and get some piles on the sides. And kids were already sledding, of course.
Then it rained water, eww! with the temperatures a little above freezing with some black ice thrown in to make cycling and walking more interesting. Same spot as above, I couldn't be bothered to cut this picture to exactly same view.
And then it got a little colder and snowed a little. So far this snow hasn't melted away yet. The rivers and the sea has not frozen yet, and I think even small lakes do not have enough ice for kids to skate on safely. Maybe there's enough some ice fishers! :-)

Friday, October 20, 2017

Not quite snow yet

We did get some sleet and maybe even some flakes of snow. First drop was in the morning, and it snowed enough to get the ground white. The snow didn't survive the day and melted away.

In the afternoon it snowed/sleeted again. The ground was wet and warm enough that the sleet melted away pretty soon but the rooftops of garages and other unwarmed buildings kept the white cover.

The weather forecast promises below freezing nights (-6C today) and above freezing (+2C tomorrow) days so this snow will be gone tomorrow. No rain expected but I'm not sure how soon the roads will dry. Expect black ice on the mornings. My mom already volunteered me to change the winter tyres on her car. :-)