Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Storm winds decorate the bikeways

Yesterday Very Northern Florida was hit by a storm. It rained, and the wind gusts were over 25 m/s. The winds came from the south and pushed the sea towards the Bay of Bothnia with it. The sea levels rose more than a meter above average, but I've not heard of any damages or casualties at sea.

The wind did some minor damage on dry land. Yes, there was a picture of yet another collapsed scaffolding in the newspaper. Aluminum tube scaffolding is light and easy to build, but due to it's light weight it's easily tipped over by wind.

Some trees fell or snapped in two, the bikeways have plenty of debris on them. Fallen leaves, needles, branches all over.

See the tyres cleaning a path through the debris. :-)

In the photo below, the tree has been cut to smaller pieces with a chainsaw, then dragged into one pile waiting for Mr. Tractor Guy.

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