Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cycle video day 10.10.2011

Magnatom, a Glasgow cyclist who has lots of videos on youtube has started a cycle video day blog. (Edit: oops, it was magnatom, not gaz545 who did this. Sorry :-) The idea is for a lot of cyclists with cameres to video their ride on the same day. Which was yesterday, so if you hear about it now you're late. Unless you want to cheat a little and post a video from another day.

Yesterday it rained all morning and it looked like I'd have to cheat too. In the afternoon the rain stopped, so I was able to video my ride between 4pm and 5 pm. The sunset was at 6:15pm and it was cloudy, so any later than 5pm, it would soon have been too dark for my crappy MD80 clone. 

Here's a direct link to my Youtube video, if you prefer to watch it there. It's pretty boring. :-D

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