Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day Ride

It's 1st of May again. Besides students getting drunk, parades, annual May Day motorcycle ride and the concert there was the market. I was getting bored and it was a sunny day outside so went so see what they had for sale. I uploaded some videos: on the way , parked at market and leaving , Crowd at Concert and Red Nose.

Crossing the river I saw the ice is breaking apart. I hope any of the students who decided to go swimming (read: was thrown in by his friends) didn't catch a cold.
 A nice day for a riverside picnic. It was +2C and windy, but at least the sun was shining warmly. It wasn't cloudy, it just looks like that on the photo.
Bikes parked all around the market square, and also on the pedestrian streets I visited later. There was no sign of the construction of the car park yet. IIRC they'll start to dig the tunnel here at the market square somewhere.
 Unfortunately the selection at the market was the usual: cheap jewelry and other trinkets, candy, some food, even t-shirts. The only thing that caught my eye this time was these baskets made of thin strips of wood (don't know the word in english) and some tin pots. The baskets looked very nice.
And then I went to listen the concert at the pedestrian street but I didn't take any photos. Even the video clip caught just the end of one song.

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