Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Improvement Or Not: Yes!

Last year I blogged about some changes that were made on an intersection on a major cycle route to downtown and I thought they were making the intersection worse for cyclists. So I asked the city council about it and they emailed about the roundabout they were going to build once they got the money for it.

Well, I guess the money was available and they'd almost built it before I noticed it, maybe because I've been out of town :-)  Two weeks ago they were still building it. Here's a clip showing what it looked like then.

The excavator was trying to get out but the cars got in the way.

And here's what it looked like today. Looks quite good, actually. It just isn't smooth as the road is about two inches lower than the bikeway. Even though the kerb stones are tilted to make riding easier it certainly is bumpy.

As for the other construction project, the Big Dig aka the underground parking garage, they've fenced off half the market square. The fences are not that interesting and they block the view of the beginnings of the tunnel pretty effectively so I haven't managed to get good pictures about it yet.

What I've read on the newspaper they're drilling and using explosives already to blast the bedrock. At the moment it looked like there was a hole in the ground but not a tunnel yet. Must be interesting to live on the houses on top of the future parking garage and hear the drills and explosions from below. And there's a hotel right next to it, too. I wonder if they mention the noisy construction site in their brochures. :-P


  1. Wish they would build cycle tracks here. From being in Amsterdam, I really miss them! :(

  2. That's the problem with traveling: you see different places and different ways of doing things. And when you come home you'll see things in a different light and will notice the problems. On the trips you visit interesting and beautiful places, and at home you have the humdrum (correct word?) life.

    I certainly was hit by the culture shock after I came home from a hectic trip to central Europe( Germany and Austria). After the weeks of everything scheduled to the minute and being constantly on the move, sitting quietly in the kitchen and listening the clock ticking on the wall...

    The Netherlands is on my list of places to visit. I hope it won't be so busy trip I won't be able to ride a bike there.