Thursday, May 02, 2013

Excellent driving by OYS-941

The May 1st celebrations are the unofficial opening of picnic season. This time the weather kept any picnics from getting out of hand (rain showers, 10m/s wind, temperatures below +3C tend to cool the enthusiasm for it even if plenty of alcohol is included) but I was happy to be back to normal. This afternoon, after the sleet had stopped raining I met this example of fine driving.
The driver is obviously a highly trained professional driver, because he managed to keep his big vehicle on the narrow bikeway. Then he jumped off and went inside, probably to ask where the loading docks are. ( I doubt they'll use the front door for moving things? That's what loading docks are for, right?))

He picked a good spot by stopping there. Blocked the whole bikeway. On the left, a narrow gap with snow. On the right, soggy mud. Excellent.

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