Tuesday, August 13, 2013

video spamming, pt2

Enjoying the green trees on my afternoon ride. I didn't expect the noise from the construction site next to the bikeway. On the back I saw better what they were doing. Looked like sandblasting to me. Or maybe they were painting the walls with with some cement spray. Who knows.

Odd things I've seen on the bikeway: a tag along bike, trike and the tourist train Potnapekka. All three on the same ride. Now, a hand-cranked bike and a four-wheeled pedal car (saw one the other day at a supermarket, it even had a trailer!) would have made a full hand.

I haven't seen the tagalongs often. The trikes are more commong as cargobikes and for the elderly. If your balance is off three wheels give more stability, and if you want to rest a bit just stop pedaling and sit on the bike. The national broadcasting company YLE has often theme nights (long shows on one topic) on various subjects and once there was a "biking night". A retired woman called in and told every retiree should have a trike: one can ride and gossip, and stop and gossip, all without getting off the saddle! :-)

My next post will be a rant about the lousy paving the district heating company did last year. They ripped open a bikeway, fixed some pipes, and did a half-assed work on repairing the damage. Should've fixed it properly, not just tip some asphalt on the ground and spread it around a little.

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