Monday, November 04, 2013

If I Can't Decide

The snow I wrote about in the last post is gone. With all the rain we've had lately it couldn't stay long. So I swapped the studded tyres out. Actually, I put the summer tyre on an old clunker front wheel so I can just swap the wheels instead of having to deal with the tyres every time. (Never mind that the wheel gives odd clicks every now and then. And the balls in the bearings... not all of them were the same size. One of them looked like it had peeled off the shiny outer layer. Clunker, indeed. ;-)

But look at the forecast for the next few days:

Now you see why I have a problem. With all that sleet coming down, there's a good possibility that there might be icing. But cloud cover and above freezing air temperatures should mean that the bikeways will stay warm enough and ice free.

So What Should I Wear? Or maybe I'll bungee the other wheel on the  bike and swap as needed...

Edit: Guess what? I closed the browser and went outside. It had snowed while I had been writing about lack of snow! ;.)

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