Friday, April 25, 2014

Worn out

I was doing some bike maintenance the other day and snapped some pics of the tyres I was taking out/replacing.

Do you think this is worn enough to be replaced? The studded winter tyre, with nice little "grin" on the side. Not quite big enough for the inner tube to burst out, but not a lot longer and I'd get balloons. Well, that's for the next winter to worry about.
I'm not even 100% sure if this is the same tyre or the other one, but I think it is. Isn't the inside supposed to be smooth? Sidewall damage suggests I could poke my finger trough. The threads are visible and out all around the bottom.
The threads are even wearing marks on the inner tube. This photo shows the marks on the "contact patch" part of the tube, that is, the part which is flat against the ground. I had some other inner tubes which had similar marks on the sidewall part of the tube, as a result of sidewall damage on the outer tube, too low pressure I guess.
Well, now I got newly patched tyres and the ride is smooth again. I'll have to report later how my "saran wrap around the inner tube" experiment does.

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  1. Hah, a few days later another puncture! So I took the tyre off and saw that the plastic had already been worn trough. Well, then I decided to try and squeeze yet more miles off the old tyre and painted the inside of the tyre. After it dried I sandpapered the inside so it might be a bit smoother than it was before. Interesting to see what happens now! :-P