Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dangerous games

Looks like the war on the motorists is getting hotter. In the news today is a story of some kids (12 and 14 year olds) dropping blocks of frozen snow and ice from a pedestrian bridge, aiming to hit the cars.  As the perpetrators are under the age of 15, they are responsible for the damages but they'll not get jail time.

They got at least two hits, denting one car's hood. The other hit was more dangerous, smashing the windshield. Amazingly, the driver managed to control the car despite snow and ice crashing into the cockpit and nobody was  seriously hurt. Look at the hole in the windshield, it must have been a big lump of ice!
Photo taken by police.
In the photo released by the police, there is some snow in the rear seat. The car was traveling on an expressway, with speed limits of 100km/h (or maybe even 120km/h, not sure). The falling ice would just make a dent on the hood or crack the windshield, it is not falling very fast, maybe 10-15m/s. But when the car is traveling fast, it's speed ( 100km/h is about 30m/s)  is added to the speed of ice. So the total velocity is about 45 m/s, aimed low at the rear seat. And who is usually sitting at the rear seat? The kids.

Unfortunately this is a game that some idiots want to play.

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