Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everything is relative- even heat waves

Last summer  we had a heat wave, we had temperatures above +30C for several days. I think the highest was +32C. It was horrible. I rode to buy some ice cream and I was sweating, even though I was cycling with very low power. The wind chill effect was not enough to keep me cool.

This week we got another heat wave. For us here in Very Northern Florida, In January that means it got above freezing. Below freezing is normal, above freezing in January does not happen every year. I even took my MD80 video camera out for a spin because it was so warm. It worked much better than in -15C.
Yesterday I went to get groceries and other stuff I need for my lasagne. Again I was sweating. This time because I had too much clothes for the weather. So, even if this heatwave was 30 degrees colder than in the summer, the results were the same: sweating.

All trees were clear of snow here for a few days, until it snowed a little just before my shopping trip. The snow made a nice crunching sound under the tyres. It was about 4pm, and the streetlights were just coming online when I took this shot:

The sunset was officially at 15:43 (3:43 PM), but this is a little later. Maybe 16:30. It was a cloudy day, just getting dark.  What you see on the sky is not the sunset. It's light pollution. There is an outdoor skating arena maybe a kilometer away. The lights are huge and bright.

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