Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thunderstorm Damages The Picnic Arena

The Picnic Arena is a new fancy thing they came up to liven up the downtown. Usually they have all kinds of events and festivals at the pedestrian street Rotuaari at the very center of the downtown area. But at the moment Rotuaari looks like this:
 and the repairs will last whole summer. They're building a new stage for performers and installing new street lights and steet furniture and what not.

The next best place for the events is the market square. For the Picnic Arena they built a huge 'castle' out of scaffolding and cloth. I think the concerts and other events are kept inside the cage. Anyway, look at those walls covered with cloth. That makes them huge sails, catching the wind. Well, the first thunderstorm gust came and one of the walls started to collapse. You can see two tilted rows of the wall below the crane. I think they had already dismantled most of the bent wall. And they had taken all the 'sails' down.  There was rolls of cloth laying on the ground, but they're not visible in the photos.

 A photo from the opposite side shows that the legs on the inside of the wall buckled under the weight of the wind. The legs are strong enough to keep the structure up, but when the wind pushed the whole wall sideways the legs could not hold.
 On the day I took those photos there was another thunder storm about to start. On the sea side of the sky the sun was shining, inland were huge cloud formations growing. The weather has hot and humid, with not much of a wind. Typical pre-thunder weather. On the way back, the wind started to pick up, although it could have been because my route was closer to the coast. I managed to get home about 15 minutes before it started to rain.

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