Monday, July 11, 2011

Bike week photo scavenger hunt

The national biking week was in May. The City of Oulu had a photo scavenger hunt, in which people were supposed to find locations shown in the photos. At the location you get a code word. Collect enough locations and you're in a raffle.  Most of the locations are well known and obvious, so anyone can easily get the required number of locations collected. A good way to get people on the bike.

There are four locations out of 12 locations that I've not found. Most likely they are in areas where I don't ride frequently, so I don't recognize them. Three of them are buildings. One is a tree, and I've not found the correct one yet. There is quite a lot of trees around here, so it might take a while. The correct results are available on the website and a quick search would tell me where they are, but that would ruin my fun. 

I had taken photos of four of the locations and most of them have been mentioned at the blog, too: a bike bridge, Hydro Dam Bridge, the combined heat and power plant, and the water tower (not sure if this has been on the blog?)

Recently I found the Sightseeing tower. Last week I took photos of the Chapel of St. Luke, a statue and Ouluhalli (an indoor sports arena). These were locations I knew and they're easy to find.

Now I have covered eight of the locations, with four to go. One building I think I can find, as the name of the building is on the wall. :-) I'm not sure if I can find any of the other locations left, as I have no means of looking at the photos provided as a clue. And I might not recognize the building if I'm looking from a different direction. I'll keep my eyes open, just in case.


  1. Are you from finland?

  2. Yes, I'm from Finland. I'm writing in english for the world wide audience, and the name of blog came from the guy in Toronto.

    ( Ihan avojalakanen suomalainen olen. ;-)