Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Pictures from Bike Bridges

Like many cities, Oulu was built where it was easy for people to travel to make some business. Oulu-river meant people could transport their barrels of tar to Oulu when they still used to have sail ships.

There are a couple of small islands where the river meets the sea. So there are a few brigdes connecting the islands to each other and to the mainland. Of course, some of these bridges are not meant for car traffic, but pedestrians and bicycles. The maintenance crews do drive on them to check the bikeways and remove the snow and grit them. In the first picture you can see one maintenance worker with a hi-viz vest doing his work.

I got a guy in a yellow hiviz vest in this shot. He's not a cyclist, but road maintenance worker :)

A beautiful sunset - about 1600hrs or 4 pm in late November.

Cycling chic in Oulu at -15C.

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