Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cycle parking

I took some photos a few days ago. The first two are taken at one of the bike parking places at the university. I noticed that maybe having a camera made of plastic would have been better than a metal frame camera. At -13C the metal camera was cold, and my poor fingers did not like it at all. Maybe I should have left the fair weather gloves home and worn the winter mittens :)

One of the bike parks, on a fresh -13C winter day.
You can see there are some spaces available, so some people have decided to take the bus instead of biking. -13C is not too cold for most of us, though.
Standing in the same spot, I turned 90 degrees and took a photo towards the bus stop.
Some landscape artist decided we need more trees in the campus so they planted them in the bike park. Right now they look a little ridiculous because they are so small, but I think they look better in 50 years.

There is a bus stop behind those trees. And one of the car parks. The car parks are much further away from the doors. It makes only sense. The drivers arrived by car, therefore they are not tired from the exhausting cycling so they can walk a little more than us poor cyclists! Perfect!
Three kinds of parking in this picture: cars, bikes and dogs .The dog cage is behind the last bike on the right, not very visible in this picture.
This was taken the same day as the pictures above. At the supermarket near the university there are three places to park bikes: on the right (closest to the doors), in the shed-like building on the left or another shed behind me. The cars have to park further away, behind the sheds. You can clearly see the sheds are awfully far (30 meters or so) from the doors. I don't know if they originally planned the bike parking to be only at the sheds but when everyone started parking closer to the door, added racks there too.

If you see an actor/actress cycling in a movie, how do you know if they (or the director) are utility cyclists or just pretending? In one movie I saw the main character arrive somewhere on her bike, stopped over 10 meters before the bike rack and pushed the bike to the rack.

That does not make any sense! Don't they know that one of the best things about bicycles is that they get you closer to the destination than cars? Any good utility cyclist would have cycled at least 8 meters more and taken only one or two steps before parking her bike!

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