Friday, December 17, 2010


In some countries (like the UK) there is a debate going about segregated bikeways. Should cyclists cycle on the road like cars or do they need segregated bikeways.

Obviously, I've grown with them so I find it hard to understand why anyone would like to cycle on crap lanes with cyclists dismount signs everywhere. Or cycle with cars, which can be dangerous for even an expert cyclist as you can see on the youtube videos. Definately only for the brave minority of people.

My input for all that debate can start by one picture:

A segregated train/bikeway bridge. 
Do you expect kids going to school to "share the road" with trains?

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  1. I agree! Even in a city like Chicago, many people considered a bike lane that is located between traffic and parked cars (what we call the 'door zone') sufficient infrastructure for bikes. We're advocating for segregated bike paths but in the meantime we ride with traffic all the truly separate bike lanes anywhere.