Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cars Destroying The Planet

Look at the photo below. What you see is the result of parents bringing kids to the kindergarten by car. The kindergarten is on the right. The white fences are there to keep the convicts (kids) in.

The kindergarten is at the end of two dead-end (for cars) streets. The other street has a bulbout where the parents can park the car while they take the kid in. This street does not have one, so the parents are forced to park on the grass, instead of the street. Apparently there's too much traffic (other parents dropping their kids) for that.

And when it rains, the new parking lot turns into mud. In the photo the mud is actually frozen, so it does not look very muddy. Still, the mud gets on the asphalt from the tyres when the parents leave. You see the guy in blue behind the bollards on the photo? He walked through the mud to get to the MUP. Of course, the parents and the kids have to walk through that mud, too.

I don't recall this being so muddy in the summer. Maybe more people brought their kids by bike or walked them when the weather was good, and now when it's raining they're using their cars? Or maybe it just rains wetter rain and the mud gets muddier in the autumn...

Now this is more like it: mother and her kids on the MUP. The younger one had his learning wheels on and seemed a bit tired of pedaling. Were they on the way to home from kindergarten or going shopping? Anyway, they were going at their own pace!

No mud and cheerful colors on the vests. :-)

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