Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guy with a stick and a huge bag

Not a Soccer Mom, but a Ice Hockey Guy!
The other night I had some spare time and I had lots of energy, so I built a new mount for my md80 camera. Last year I tried mounting the camera on my head, but aiming was almost impossible and I seem to shake my head a lot while riding. Then I tried various methods of tying/clipping the camera to brake cables etc, which was not an optimal solution. Then I got the bright idea of using the mount of my led light for the camera and that worked pretty well during the summer when I didn't need the light.

The new mount was made of wood and on today's test ride proved to be good and solid, but needs another screw or some other method to tighten it up a little. Unfortunately the plastic strip where I clip the camera is not working as I hoped. It's not solid enough, and lets the camera vibrate.

Today's test ride showed the camera was shaking, and due to the lousy low light capabilities almost all of the video would be unusable. The screen capture is about the best quality I got, showing mostly motion blurring from riding, not shaking.

And the guy is obviously going to play ice hockey somewhere. I wonder if they've opened the outdoor ice rinks yet? I must remember to check them next time to see if they're open.

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