Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Darned Thieves!

Today there was news about a thief snagging a handbag from a lady. This time it wasn't  the perp on the bike or a scooter. No, it was the lady. The lady thought the thief was going to push her off the bike but she dodged. It wasn't until later she noticed the bag wasn't on the rear basket. Oh, she was 87 years old and riding a bike.

I'm not quite that old and at the moment I'm not riding a bike either. Some darned thief stole my bike! It's an old clunker (a red MTB) but it was my main mode of transport for local trips. Now I have to walk or drive. Blah.

Walking is so slow and driving and parking is a hassle. By the way, I was in rush hour traffic congestion the other day. It really exists, it's just that I don't see it while riding a bike. Now I had to drive and I saw it. Amazing.

The chances of getting the bike back soon are slim. Many stolen bikes get thrown in to the river and will not be found for years. Some will be taken in use or sold. Some will fill the bike parking in front of the apartments, but as everyone knows only their own bike they can't know some of the bikes do not belong there. And every few years they donate the abandoned bikes to charities. If the bike is abandoned in a public place in a way that it looks like it is abandoned, it will go to lost and found - unless someone decides to re-steal it again.

Now I'm left with a 26" studded tyre (will my next bike have 26" wheels?), a  speedometer which is useless without the sensors and the lights which I can't mount on the next bike without the mounting brackets. Blah.

Well, at least I can use the lights while walking. It's getting dark in the evenings.

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