Friday, October 26, 2012

My world is bright today

When I looked outside in the morning I saw it had snowed last night. Maybe two inches, so the snow plows had been at work. My neighbours were scraping the windshields of their cars, while I was still having my breakfast. Riding a bike in the winter sometimes saves time! At least when it's only a few degrees below freezing so one doesn't have to put too many clothes on.

On the other hand any time I had saved was lost when the rear tyre started to leak. It was empty after the night so I inflated it and I thought nothing about it, but then I could feel the rim making contact while riding. Well the leak is slow so I could get a kilometer for each re-inflation.

I also rigged up the camera again, and even edited the video and put them to an usb stick but then forgot the stick at the computer table before I left for weekend. So you won't see the white scenery until Monday, and by that time the snow might be gone again.

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