Thursday, February 14, 2013

Detoriating conditions

I just uploaded another masterpiece to youtube. It's from my ride this afternoon, at about 16:30 or so. Funny how the time flies, now there is enough daylight for my camera... the spring will be here soon!

As I wasn't invited to the winter cycling congress, I didn't go there. (I'm a world famous blogger and I was not invited? What a disgrace!)  But listening to boring speeches indoors will not give the visitors a good picture of winter cycling. They also had a bike tour so they could try it themselves.

I was so disappointed when I saw the weather reports: temperatures hovering about freezing or just below. There should have been a proper winter weather, -15C would have been fine. That would've been just fine for their bike tour! (evil laugh:-)

But alas, the weather was like this:
I thought the snow coming down was snow and not sleet so I didn't find my camera cover. But it was sleet so the camera clogged up and the end of the video is just a blur. Still, you see there's snow about. And riders on their way home. There was maybe an inch of fresh snow (in the early part of the video) but it was a bit too dark and beyond the capabilities of the camera so the surface of the bikeway is not clearly seen.

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