Monday, February 18, 2013

How am I going to get home today?

Measured temperature at a nearby weather station.
The problem is, I didn't dress for -15°C when I left home in the morning. In the morning it was balmy -5°C. And the forecast said -7°C. So no big deal.  Now, suddenly it's -17°C. Last night the wind changed from south to west (at about 21 o'clock) and then from west to north (around midnight). It took a few hours for the colder air to arrive.

I'll have to close the ventilation zippers in my jacket. And maybe lift the hood to keep my face warm, as I didn't take a scarf or ski mask with me.

On the other hand, it'll be a good day to buy some frozen food: it will not melt on the way home even if I take a bit longer!

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