Thursday, March 07, 2013

A thousand car pileup!

That's what I misread the headline from the news. During the bad weather there were some accidents and small pileups on the Motorway 4. The earliest accident happened early afternoon, and then the chaos spread all over. Due to a HGV that tipped over both lanes going south were blocked. The motorway has several entrances from the city and the police wasn't able to close them all immediately so more and more cars joined the queues. At worst the mess (queues) on the was several kilometers long.

In Kemi, another town about 100km further north, the wind piled snow on the train tracks causing delays.

It snowed about 13cm (5 inches) in 4 hours during the afternoon blizzard. And there was some snow earlier and later, so the day's total was about 20cm of new snow.

Find the flower boxes?

Really sunny day today. -13C and wind from the north.

This last picture was taken on a quiet residential street. I'm standing on a sidewalk/MUP. Where's the edge? The ice layer on the street is so thick that the surface is almost even with the sidewalk. 4-5 inches?

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