Thursday, March 21, 2013

What, No Gritting?!

I'd been riding on this bikeway for a few hundred meters  when I noticed there was no gritting at all! That's weird, because it hadn't snowed much lately to bury the sand under the snow. Neither has it been so warm that the ice would have melted causing the sand to sink. Although I'd say there were some signs of spring sun on the ice.

A bit later the mystery was solved: the ice scraper had been at work. When it removed a few inches of ice from the bikeway, it also removed the gritting sand with it. It removes also any ruts made by the melt-freeze cycle. I don't like this particular machine, as it has teeth that are pretty wide (look at photo below for the scrape marks). They're wide and deep enough that they feel like they're catching the bike tyre even if they're not. The other blade or machine they use has much finer teeth and makes smoother surface.

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