Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Green trees video

The spring is making everything green. The new green grass is about 5cm or maybe 10cm tall, and trees are growing pale green leaves. The leaves are not fully grown yet, so one can see through the birches quite easily. The leaves make everything much greener.

Here's a video made from a couple of rides. You can see the city is green, the weather was fine and a lot of people were going for a picnic in the parks.
Link to the video on youtube.


  1. omg i love birch trees!! its 90F in South Florida :(

  2. Yeah, they're nice when they have leaves on them. :-) Stay tuned for hagberry / bird cherry pictures too. They're the Finnish equivalent of "cherry blossom." They blossom in late May/early June, when the school year is over and kids have two and half months of summer vacation ahead of them. So the blossom and the arrival of swallows are a sure sign that summer has started.