Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st of May

Whew, that was one hell of a party. Not that it took me ten days to get my head clear and the hangover cured, I've just been busy.

Here's a bunch of students gathered together for a beer. The overalls are a "party uniform." Easy to clean (the vomit off), durable (when you're falling drunk) and creates team spirit.

You could identify what they are studying of by their overalls, as each class has their own colors and logos. I've no idea who these guys are, though.
 Broken glass bottles littering the street. All empty soda and beer cans and bottles are worth money (15 cents or so) when you return them to the shop, so you will not find many unbroken ones laying around. Someone will pick them up. Most likely someone on foot or bike.
Broken bikes littering the river and parks. There's about 2000 bike thefts every year. Most of the bikes will find owners, but they'll end in the lost and found.

The police had an auction today. They sold 300 bikes (and mobile phones, glasses etc) from their Lost and Found storage. The owner could not be identified and nobody had claimed the items as theirs, so they were sold. Gotta make room in the closets...

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