Friday, April 29, 2011

Extreme Bicycle Parking

The bike parking at the City Library was pretty much full. There were a few bikes against the railings, and some bikes were "double parked" closer to the doors.

This outdoor cafe was empty, but they are preparing for the May 1st, which is a big holiday for workers and students. For workers, it might mean a parade. For students, it means getting drunk and possibly getting thrown into the sea. Although not here, I think, as there is ice on the sea (just behind the bikers). But the river is ice free, so prepare to get wet!
The yellow signs are saying "No bicycles- fire escape route" to stop people locking their bikes into the railings.

But what on earth is this? Ruins? Bomb shelter?
It's where the fish ladders start. To the right (not visible in the picture) is the dam bikeway. In the background is the dam that splits the river in half, and in the upper right corner are the concrete blocks of the bikeway dam.
The first photo in the fishladder post is taken very near the upper right corner of the photo.

To me it looks like some parts are missing from the ladders, look at the gaps! And where's the water? The water level is supposed to be where the whitish stains are. I took the photo yesterday, and today I read that the fish ladders are open to the customers. So they were probably leaning the ladders before the grand opening. An underwater web camera shows the fishes going past. Looking at the stats there's not much traffic yet, maybe later in May there might be some fishes to see?

Oh, and there's two bikes in the last picture, too. One, possibly stolen bike thrown into the river. And one parked bike. Can you spot it?

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