Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bikeways almost ice free

For the last few days we've had temperatures above +0C, and yesterday it even rained water! So this means that the ice on the bikeways has been melting quickly. Although the forecast says there's going to be some snow tomorrow and the day after, now that the bikeways have been ice free, most of it will melt immediately and the sun will quickly melt the rest of it.

Sun rises today 06:21and sun sets 20:22, so the sun is really working to get the ice and snow out of here.
The hill which had nasty conditions on last wednesday, was much improved by Friday. It was almost a pleasure to cycle uphill, as my tyres god good grip:
No more shiny ice.

Gritting sand sinks into the ice, leaving rough surface.
I'll have to check tomorrow if there's any ice left on that uphill. It's been several days after those photos. Today I had to be looking for the ice to find some so I could take a photo. I'd say more than 95% of bikeways are ice free. That's during the day. Who knows how much black ice there'll be in the morning.
This much ice left on this bikeway

The intersection is icefree.

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