Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring cleaning

Although it snowed a little yesterday, it melted away as fast as it came down. So the only ice on the bikeways you can see is in the shadows. Quite surprisingly, it looks like the last ice and snow is to be found in the underpasses. Makes me wonder how on earth did all that snow get in there, as it certainly did not rain there.

This is the view on the sidewalks and bikeways in the spring: gritting sand. This shot is from a bikeway/sidewalk in the downtown. It's a slight downhill, so it gets a lot of attention from the gritting crews. If you've looked my youtube video "no snow on the bikeways", you can see how the flat sections get less gritting.

There's two piles in the last picture. The pile on the back is so dark because it's made of snow with gritting sand covering. The pile on the front is just gritting sand. It's about waist high, but I couldn't get good shots of that because it was a sunny day and the pile was in the shade, the contrast difference was too big.

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