Friday, April 22, 2011

Catkins for the easter

The catkins are a traditional easter decoration. They're the first signs of plant life after the winter (plants in pots indoors excluded). Chickens, chokolate eggs and a plate of grass are also popular. The white thing in the ground is ice. :-)

This tree has it's own "catkins". I'm sure someone with an allergy can tell when they're in bloom. No green leaves yet.

The bikeways have been clear for a few weeks and they've been sweeping them too. The piles of snow made by snow plows remain.
Not all snow has melted in the forests.
The river has some ice left on the edges. The fishermen are using row boats now.
Want to go swimming? Here's a flotation device provided by nature. In Southern Florida, water temperature in the sea today is +27C (about 80F?) In Very Northern Florida, very close to zero C.
The sea looks frozen solid, and the Meteorological Institute says the ice is 50-70 cm thick out there. Of course, the spring ice is weaker and this close to the river it's not even so thick any more.  I don't think anyone is walking or skiing or even ice fishing out there anymore.

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