Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ice in the river and sea

I totally forgot I took these photos yesterday. A few days ago I posted about ice golfers. Yesterday, there was no ice golfers around, as there was water on the course. And even where there was no visible water, once I walked out onto the ice, there was some water under the snow. Water rushed into my footsteps. It's scary to walk on ice like this:

Later, I was on one of the bike bridges and I was checking the ice below to see when the ice on the river is going to break. Looks very promising, there was some big cracks on the ice. So maybe in a few days there will be big ice rafts coming down the river.

Further away, look at all those birds on the ice:
No, they are ice fishers. I hope they check the ice frequently or they will either sink or float away. The gray building in the left is the hydro power plant, with strong current coming from a narrow 'canal'. The high lamp posts on the right are the lights of 'Raatti' athletic field, which is located on an island. That means there is moving water on both sides of the island. So in theory, that whole block of ice could crack loose of the island and float out to the sea.

Extreme ice fishing.

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