Sunday, April 10, 2011

New video: Silly me!

I got around to do some video editing, and uploaded the first bit to youtube. It's just two short clips of me being not so smart and doing silly things.

In the first part I cross a street in front of a car. The driver gets a scare and steps on his brakes a little. Or he stomped on the gas. Anyway his tyres are screeching. The snow piles are high so they block his visibility, and on such a bright white day any dust or scratches on the windshield make it harder to see while driving against the sun. So maybe I was not so smart when I didn't yield to him like I was supposed to, although the car was far away.

Also the car was white, and it's not very visible against the white snow. How come the media is not demanding hi-viz paint jobs on cars? Oh, that would be war on the motorist...

In the other clip I'm leaving the railway station. I'd like to turn left, and then right. But there's a long queue of cars, and trying to filter into the moving queue of cars on icy street is not something I wanted to try. Somehow the cars polish the ice so it's often more slippery than ice on sidewalks and bikeways, even without gritting. And streets are not gritted. Then there was the taxis narrowing the road and the oncoming traffic. So the safest option was to illegally cycle on the sidewalk. Of course, I could also have chosen some other route.

And once I'm on the sidewalk cycling at breakneck speed, I notice that the 'oncoming traffic' includes a police van...

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