Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Heavy' traffic on bikeways

'Heavy' is an aviation term. Tiny little two seaters are obviously in the 'light' category, and jumbojets are 'heavy'. 'Heavy' airplanes need strong runways and taxiways, so the surface will not crack under them. And they need long runways, too.

Well, I met some 'heavies' on my shopping trip. In the steep hill I've blogged about before, I saw this blocking the underpass at the bottom of the hill:
 What's going on? Had there been some kind of railway accident on the bridge above? That would explain the rubbish on the bikeway. But what is that guy doing with the hose, is he going to flush them into the drain? The drain would just get blocked.

Anyway, I cycled past him and saw another 'heavy' on the bikeway. Instead of using a man with a leaf blower, they're using an excavator to brush the old leaves into piles in the middle of bikeway. You can see a tractor lurking in the background.

 A front loader with a brush, and water tank for washing up. That explains the tank truck, it's for filling up the tank on the tractor. Or maybe they use it to wash the bikeways, too?

On my way back, the water tank truck had moved, and the tractor was scooping up the garbage and piling it somewhere. Or maybe they had a fourth machine (truck or tractor trailer) to take it away.

It's not often I see such a heavy machines on the bikeways!

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