Sunday, February 05, 2012

Holy Smoke!

Really cold weather is sometimes called "tulipalopakkanen", "House Burning Cold." When it's cold you try to heat the house, for example by burning wood in a fireplace. A  spark might fall on the floor, a crack in the chimney might lead to hot gases leaking in the attic, or maybe the chimney itself got so hot it caused surrounding structures to catch fire.

A cold day leads to an increase in the use of all energy sources used to heat homes and other buildings. This week's cold spell led to highest levels in electricity use for this winter. And many people who have a chance to heat their houses by wood will do it, to save some money on the energy bill. The bad side of it is the smoke and particles burning creates.  See the smoke coming from the chimney of the house?
Most of the smoke is coming from the power plant, providing us electricity and heat. It might be interesting to go and stand by the gate of the power plant facility if there are more HGVs bringing peat and other stuff to the plant, or are they just running with whatever they have stored at the plant. But that would mean standing outside in -25°C for an hour waiting for HGVs... I don't think it's quite that interesting.

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