Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Lucky Day

I guess I'm lucky I'm not a witness to car crashing into half dozen pedestrians, though it certainly was close.

As I got closer to the traffic lights I saw them blinking yellow. I thought "That's cool, I haven't seen that often. Now lets see what kind of mess the intersection is without traffic lights."

Blinking yellow means the lights are temporarily not working, proceed with caution. There might be an emergency vehicle coming through, so let them through, otherwise follow the traffic signs and basic yielding rules. Or it might be blinking yellow due to a burnt (red) light bulb.

Car drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians crossing the road on the zebra lined crossing. It's also marked with traffic signs. Disturbingly many drivers pay no attention to them, or at least thinks that pedestrians should not step on the road if the car driver has to slow down or stop for them. One such driver makes his displeasure known, as he forces through the pedestrians almost hitting them.

Naughty, naughty!

Some google catch phrases in Finnish in case someone is looking for it: Tervahovintie 15.2.2012 puoli viisi auto ajoi melkein jalankulkijan päälle liikennevaloissa keltaiset vilkkuvalot

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