Sunday, April 01, 2012

Good news: the parking garage is paid for!

Today the local newspaper told us the good news: the €70 million underground parking garage will be built without any money from the city, if we're willing to wait a few years. The whole thing will be built by an energy company, who will use it for a few years and then hand it over to the city.

The energy company is building a nuclear plant some 60km away and wants to use the underground garage to temporarily store the nuclear waste, until they can build their own facility somewhere. As searching for a good location, planning and building it will take a long time, it makes sense to use this shovel ready project as a temporary storage. After all, everybody's garage is full if junk stored there temporarily, so why not the underground garage too. And as the nuclear waste still produces a little bit of heat, it can be used to heat the buildings above.

The only problem is that the containers are quite big and bulky, and there would be big HGV's driving to the center of the city. The containers might be so wide they would not fit in the car lane. So on some narrow streets the whole street would have to be closed for other traffic and all parked cars removed. Trying to turn in to the garage will be a problem of it's own.

If this wasn't the first day of the fourth month, this would've been horrible news. The article did fool me for a moment, but they didn't get me come downtown to see the nuclear HGV testing the streets! :-D

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