Monday, April 16, 2012

Silly Cyclist prompts action

The latest Silly Cyclist video, episode 38 had one cyclist that reminded me to do some maintenance on my bike. What I'm referring to is the #1, the cyclist without brakes. Another cyclist jumps the red light, "forcing" him to ride through pedestrians crossing the street as he can't stop his bike.

In the winter the friction between the tyre and the surface below it, usually ice, is pretty low, so I wasn't worried that my brakes were not very effective. Even if the brake pads or the rim wasn't covered in ice and snow, there wasn't much more braking power to be had. The tyre would  just lock and slide on the ice and wouldn't really stop me much earlier. Sort of ABS for bicycles. :-)

Now the bikeways are clean, and a lot of fair weather cyclists and pedestrians will be around, so maybe it'd make sense to tune the brakes.

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