Monday, January 21, 2013

Afternoon ride

Last week there was some days with a snowfall. Like Saturday, which brought 10 or 15 cm of fresh white snow. In the afternoon the weather had cleared, and as I was riding to get some milk I got the camera out of my pocket and switched it to video mode and started filming.

I chose a route (to view something new) that I don't take very often, even if it feels a bit shorter. The shortcut has it's own problems: two street crossings (with kerbs), a tight 90 degree turn, and I'm not sure it's even any shorter. On the other hand, the longer route has long stretches of straight bikeways with only one street to cross. Maybe it's the long straights make it feel longer? On the short cut route I can only ride 100 meters ahead before turning again.

Not everywhere had been plowed yet. I had to hold the camera with one hand while on the street, and the other hand was busy on the handle bar to keep me upright. The cars tracks made a layer of half-packed snow which cracked under the front wheel so I was slipping left and right. If I'd had a camera on the handle bar, it'd shown more of the sides than straight ahead! :-)

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