Monday, January 07, 2013

The Future is Foggy

The xmas was and now it's the New Year. I went to see the family during the holiday and among eating a lot of ham and chocolate and opening presents and spanking the kids I was able to ride a bike on a few occasions. IIRC the week before xmas was cold, -20C for several days in a row. Well, after the bearded man visited the weather changed and it was +0C or +1C and water and slosh for several days. Thank god it's back to normal -10C again! :)
The trees lost the snow cover, but now they have gone white with frost. At the bottom is a new, thin layer of ice. With the warm days the water levels rose and water got above the previous ice covers. With a few days of proper cold it'll  freeze and the river will have two ice covers, with water between them. Or if the water levels drop the ice will be hollow. That sounds really exciting while skating! And for now the ice is pretty smooth, too and there wasn't any snow on it.

The last two pictures were taken on the same road, with a few hours between them. The temperature was climbing (from -15C) and there was some fog. And later there was some fresh snow.

The road is a small rural road and it's plowed by a farmer/contractor who hadn't been very keen on the job during the warm weather period. There had been a few inches of ice and snow on the road, and the top layer (inch or two) turned into slush. Then a few tractors and cars made some ruts on the slush to freeze. Not optimal for cycling. But I guess as it snowed he'll polish the road now but it's too late now, I'm not there to ride anymore.

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