Wednesday, August 03, 2011

First Autumn Post from Very Nothern Florida

The first leaves are turning yellow, and the sun was already so low it can reach the top of the trees. The sun is setting, and it's only 10pm! The outdoor swimming season is pretty much over, Jaakko has thrown the Cold Stone in the lake on July 25th and the waters are getting colder. Yesterday, I saw a flock of swallows flying and chirping like they do before they start their migration back to south.

The temperature was about +17C yesterday during the day (+17-20C is very typical), and a few degrees colder during the night. No wonder a t-shirt and shorts was chilly on my ride home after the sunset.

Not quite the same as in the south?


  1. wow are you serious? Autumn already?? Here all the stores are already getting ready for Halloween and Christmas -_- that's the most we get...

    My car said it was 98F here today, and that's not the heat index. We are all watching that tropical storm Emily if we are to get any rain from it. We won't see autumn until November...

  2. Of course I'm hugely exaggerating, look at the tree, all the other leaves are still green. :-)

    But, it really is clear that the summer is nearing it's end. The berries are getting ready, farmers are getting readyto /already harvesting the second harvest of soilage (cut up hay, spray it with acid and wrap it in plastic: sauerkraut for cows for the winter) and barley and oats are almost ready for harvesting. The growing season is a bit too short for wheat or rye here.

    By the end of August, night temperatures get near freezing and the leaves will really start turning yellow. Some trees are just "hedging a bet" by taking out the precious nutrients from some of the leaves, just in case the winter comes early.

    Forecast for the next week shows daily temperatures of +13C to +18C on a cloudy and rainy week.Add a few degrees for a sunny week. At night, around +10C, lowest at +8C.

  3. forecast for the next few days : Hurricane Irene *yay*