Monday, August 01, 2011

LGRAB Summergames pt.2: Exploring

I think the bear hunting trip would qualify in the "take a picture of summery thing". Unfortunately, on my return trip it was raining. The thunderstorm was faster than me on the forest paths. So when I got lost and "Explored new bikeways" in "New parts of town" , I was not going to take any photos in the rain. I'm not sure if it would qualify in all all three categories without any photos.

So when it was a sunny sunday, I got out and went to pick more berries and take some photos. Even on the way to my secret berry patch, there was a few bikes parked along the side of the bikeways and various recreation paths in the forests. I was certainly not alone with the idea of using a bike to go berry picking.

OH NO! Look at all those tracks! This muddy path is supposed to be hard to reach and far from civilisation. It's not even on a map! Not far enough for berry hunting cyclists. And it felt like they picked up almost all the berries, the pickings were slim and there was footprints everywhere.

On the way back I decided to cycle on this road instead of on the paths through the forest. It's a typical country road outside towns. It has 100km/h speed limit and no protected cycle facilities at all. Not even a shoulder, so I had to cycle on the lane itself until I got closer to the town and on the bikeways.

On a quiet evening the traffic on the road was light, but still a few cars passed me and made me remember what it is like to "share the road" with fast moving cars. Not very pleasant at all. Outside the built-up areas I don't have a choice. In the town I don't have to share the road all that often as we have bikeways like below:

This is a very scenic path on the banks of the river Oulu. You can see some water behind the railings, and the hydro power plant is further ahead. It's very pretty in the winter too, when there's snow in the trees and lights on the poles. I'm not sure if I posted pictures of it last winter?

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