Saturday, August 13, 2011

Telling off people walking on the bike lane

Yesterday I was downtown, riding on one of the sidewalk MUPs that actually has cycling and walking separated to prevent 'dooring'. There's a row of street lights, bike racks, trees etc, and people are supposed to be on the street side if they're biking and away from the street when walking.

Look at the picture, how does this help dooring? The cyclists are next to parked cars, in the door zone. The dooring I'm talking about is cyclists scaring or even hitting pedestrians stepping out of shops' doorways. There's more people stepping in and out of shops than there's people getting in and out of cars, so this arrangement makes sense.

The bikelane is two-way, and we have right hand traffic. A cyclist riding close to the cars would very likely be riding towards the camera (unless passing pedestrians like I was), in view of the passengers and driver. So a passenger could easily see the cyclist and not hit him with a door. And if he did, the door would close (and possibly squeeze the passenger), not open more and throw the cyclist into the racks.

There was this one woman walking slowly in the bike side, and although she was not the only one, she was walking particularly middle of it to block the whole lane. I decided I would ask her in a friendly manner if she had noticed she was walking in the wrong lane. When I passed her, I asked her in finnish.

To my surprise, she asked me in english (a tourist from the UK, likely) for directions to a bar, and I forgot about telling her off when I tried to remember how to find it. Doh!

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