Monday, January 30, 2012

I had two (2) thoughts today

At first I thought there wouldn't be many people on bikes today because it was -20C, but I was wrong. In front of this grocery store there was about ten bikes, which is high in my opinion, considering the time of day and the weather. But maybe it was because this is one of the early voting sites.

In the first round two weeks ago no presidential candidate had more than 50% of votes, so two with most votes goes to round 2. It'll be interesting to see who'll win, as one candidate is a "conservative banker" and the other one is a "green gay".

The Green League is one of the smaller big parties, it got about 10% of votes on last parliamentary elections. National Coalition Party is one of the big parties with about 20% of votes. So based on votes from their own parties one of them is a clear favorite, but there are all the votes (about 45%) from other candidates now available. We'll see.

The other thought I had was that people are very, very afraid of heights. The height difference between the street and the bikeway is what, 5 inches? People don't go near the edge, they don't want to fall off. Or maybe they are afraid of the door zone?

The path is wide enough for 4 people to pass. On the left you see how cyclists are fine riding next to clumps of ice. On the other side, there's one meter of almost unused path. It's a way to make riding nicer, by getting just a little further away from lorries and buses. People don't want to ride on it unless they are passing someone. Sort of like those striped buffers for on street bike lanes I've seen on photos from other countries.
All this thinking has made me exhausted, so I'll take a break from thinking for a week.

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