Monday, January 16, 2012

No need for bollards or cattle fences

Today I stopped at traffic lights and spotted this natural protection barrier between the cars and the MUP. Although there is a curb to keep the cars away, a meter high and wide snow pile will slow down cars effectively. Right turning cars certainly won't be invading the bikeway when turning! And what's even better, it was made by the city workers (or contractors for the city) unlike the trash lane so it might stay there for a few days. :-D

It snowed an inch or two today, so the snow plow contractors will be busy plowing, and transporting the snow piles away will be a little lower priority. I'm not sure they'd put that snow pile first in the to-do list, as there seems to be enough room for it to stay for a while.

 In the afternoon the snowing turned into supercooled mist. Or maybe it was just fog pushing in from the sea freezing on everything. Anyway, my coat got a new windproof coating, and my glasses were getting hard to see through. Really nasty non-surprise was the rim brakes losing all their power, I had to put a foot down on the ground to stop myself going straight into an intersection.

Rim brakes are not good when you bring the bike from a warm garage outside in to the snow. Any snow on the rims will get to the brake pads and melt/freeze on the rim and the pads, but braking a little will clean the surfaces and you'll have some stopping power. With this icy rain/fog on the rims it was almost like I had no brakes at all. Slowing down from 20km/h takes more than 20 meters, huh?

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