Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Image manipulations for Shared Space post

'As Easy As Riding A Bike' had a long, great article about some of the problems with the shared space and implementing it. His post has a picture on it, showing how, according to the shared space advocates, the traffic engineering and rules make the streetscape cluttered, unpleasant and ugly:

Sure, that picture drives it home there's a lot of signs, paint, bollards, traffic islands and fences. But after a quick edit with Gimp the picture paints a lot different picture:

A little fading on the traffic signs and some hiviz on the cars shifts the attention. That's a lot of cars clogging the streets. And wasn't all these traffic signs etc put there to control cars?  So the problem isn't the traffic signs, they're just a symptom.

Another version of the picture shows the people walking and cycling, just for symmetry. They're the ones who should dominate the shared space.

Yeah, I'll admit it. I just wanted to flood fill the cars. Flood fill is just so cool.

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