Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tractor Out On The Ice

In the afternoon (close to 6pm) I spotted this hooligan on the sports field, driving around in circles. There's fence around the field, and a road and a row of trees between the fence and the bikeway, so I was pretty far. Very bright lights on the field wash out the photo.
I went closer, and now the tractor is easier to see. The trailer is a water tank, spraying a thin layer of water on the field. I wonder whether they used tap water or did they fill it from the river. With -15C to -20C temperatures continuing at least until next week, I think the ice will freeze well.

Another alternative would be to pump the water from the river. Or from a fire hydrant inside the swimming hall seen on the background. You'd just need 200 meters of hose and somehow get it across the streets. Once finished hurry up and hope you can roll up the hose before if freezes :-)

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