Thursday, November 15, 2012

Big Dig and The Improvement

The Big Dig entrance in the street has now a fence made of steel posts:

In the "Improvement or not" roundabout I noticed that three of the legs had crossings over them, even though they seemed useless. See, the path ends after 10 meters. What was the point? Erm, maybe the bus stop? Just on the other side of the street. And they might continue the path another 200 meters, as this could provide an alternate route with less steep uphills. But I don't think they will, it's just a spaceholder.

I must say I really like the lighting of this new roundabout. Somehow it's very well lit without glaring lights. And it just looks good. Well done! If only I could take good pictures of it. (How fast was the cyclist going? Exposure time was 2 seconds.)

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